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Welcome, you are here! Meaning that you are looking for the best cover pages templates that you can use in your report which I guess you are making.

So far so good! I will guide that you can find the best cover pages templates for your report. I will do that by showing you the most used covers. Then shed light on some of the best categories that you can see. This report is important to you, so to find the best cover pages templates for it we can start by identifying the type of report or essay that you are making. Technically speaking there are 3 types of reports that you can find out there.

Academic Cover Pages, and Business Cover Pages, and Report Cover Page

You can try our premium cover pages or if you feel creative and have the time you can create one on Microsoft word.

Here are some of the best selling templates in our gallery

If you are looking for some sample and classic yet elegant templates, take a look at these.

All the templates that are included in our gallery are word office files (.docx extension) so if you use other software similar to MS office we highly recommend you not to use these templates as they all were created by MS office word.

What to put on a cover page?

it depends on the specific purpose and the audience. In general, the format should include most (if not all) of the following elements:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author
  • Author’s Title
  • Company Name/Logo
  • Date of Completion/Submission
  • A Brief Description of the Report

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