How to write a Cover Page for an Essay?

If you are writing academic essays, you will need a cover page for essays. The cover page is the first page of your essay. The cover page has minimal but very essential information. Like the author’s name, the essay’s title, the date, etc.  

There are two types of formats for the cover pages of the essay; one is MLA, and the other is called APA format. APA is the format that is widely used. 

MLA format-based cover pages for essay 

In composing a cover page for your essay, you must follow specific requirements that your instructor provides. Make sure you read those carefully and understand them. The requirements might be font size or text style. If your cover page is supposed to be composed in MLA format, then the following are some instructions you must consider for cover pages for an essay.

  • There should be double space between the lines, and all the content is supposed to be horizontally centered. 
  • Right under the top margin, you have to write the name of your institution. 
  • You have to write the main title of the document or the essay on one-third of the cover page. On the cover pages for the essay, you have to write the title in different font sizes that are big enough to highlight it. 
  • After that, you must write the author’s name a few lines above the bottom of the cover page. 
  • Then, write the name of your discipline. 
  • Name of the person you are submitting your work to.
  • Lastly, the date when you are submitting the work. 

APA format-based cover pages for essays  

APA style is just like the MLA style, but there are very few differences in the format. On the APA format-based cover page you have to add a short title in the upper right corner of the cover. This short title is called the running header. 

  • First, add the running header. The page number further follows this running header.  
  • Then, the main title of the page. 
  • You have to leave a few lines and add the author’s name. 
  • Now, come to the bottom of the page. First, you must add the name of your discipline or course. 
  • Then, add the name of the person you submitted your work to in the next line.
  • In the last line, add the date when you submitted your essay. 

Cover pages

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Cover Page for an Essay
Cover Page for an Essay

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Cover Page for an Essay

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